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Go Rogue by NPalliative®️

The Nurse Practitioner to NP Entrepreneur Workbook Go Rogue by NPalliative®️ was written after seven years of exhausting hard work and daily personal sacrifice to create a desperately needed and successful niche healthcare business in our community-Traverse City, MI.


Nurse Practitioners everywhere are looking to branch out, leave the employment of healthcare institutions, help their communities by offering needed services, and run their own nursing-based practice. We are Rogue NPs!


This workbook provides you with the important tools we did not have in 2014 as NPs looking to start a successful healthcare business. Our immersive topics, essential suggestions, and hands-on style will quick-start your business and allow you to avoid the pitfalls we experienced throughout the years.


As fellow NP Entrepreneurs, we want to share our expert business knowledge so that all of our colleagues throughout the nation can become successful NP Entrepreneurs. The healthcare field is continually evolving, paradigm shifts are everywhere, and we know that if we can accomplish it, so can you!

Revision 7 Workbook Front Screenshot.jpg
Revision 7 Workbook Back Screenshot.jpg
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